Team Effort Hours

Help Staircase identify time spent in hours at a team and client level.

Written by Kate Neal
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Step 1

Login, click the cog symbol on the left hand panel to open your 'Configurations' page. Select 'Team Effort'.

Step 2

Update email, chat, and ticket fields with your estimate for the average time (in minutes) it takes your team to receive, read, and respond to customer emails, Slack messages, and/or support tickets.

Next, add your estimated average salary for a client facing team member and, finally, your efficiency threshold. The latter should represent the % of customer revenue you are comfortable with the team spending to service the account.

Step 3

Click update to save your selections.

Now, you will see team effort in hours values in your Team Stats report and your Customer Overview table to help identify how much time your team is spending on each customer.

Team Stats Report

Customer Overview Table

You can also use the Team Efficiency report for a quick view of where the team is meeting your efficiency targets and where there is room for improvement.

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