Configure Staircase AI general settings

Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

In this configuration page, you can configure the response time SLA you want your team to meet, add email domains that are allowed to sign up to your account, and ID if your revenue number represents ARR or MRR.

Response Time SLA

Set the response time SLA you'd like your team to keep - 10 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours - the choice is yours! Once you set this, on all response time graphs throughout Staircase, you will see the SLA line through the graph - allowing you to quickly identify instances where the SLA was not met (both by client or your team).

Signup - Allowed Domains

Any email domains you add here will allow for that user to sign up to your Staircase account. If you prefer to keep your instance on an invite only status or using a domain install, simply leave this blank.

Revenue Period Basis

Use the radio button to select which option best represents the revenue number you share with Staircase (ARR (annual) or MRR (monthly)). This will help ensure accuracy in the Team Efficiency report.

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