April 2024 Edition
Written by Kaitlyn Fisher
Updated over a week ago

💬 New Integration Alert! CoPilot by Clari

Connect your CoPilot account to Staircase AI to summarize and analyze your recorded customer calls. Notes, action items, topics, and alerts can be sent to email, CRM, Slack, etc.

🤖 New AI Weekly Digest (Beta - request early access today!)

Get a quick summary of key events/insights, suggested priorities, and wins for the last week.

📝Automatically Create Contacts on Salesforce & Hubspot

The Staircase AI Missing Contacts report is a compiled list of all stakeholders detected in customer communications but who are not found as contacts on your CRM. From this report, you can now write contact info back to your CRM with the click of a button.

🔗 Sharing is Caring - Customize + Share Dashboards & Reports

Create custom dashboard views or reports and save them for yourself or to be shared with the team. See your data the way you want it.

💧 Little drops, great ripples

  • New Custom field option - build a custom pick list in Staircase to reference when filtering or tuning insights settings.

  • Aggregated views on Custom cards on the Executive Dashboard - set up cards for things like total number of logins, average NPS score, etc.

  • One click image download (PNG) from Executive Dashboard and other widgets for easy input into slides and documents

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