CoPilot by Clari

Connect CoPilot by Clari and Staircase will analyze and summarize your client facing calls. These summaries can also be sent via email & CRM

Written by Omri Hecht
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Follow these steps to connect CoPilot by Clari to Staircase AI for analysis of your customer facing calls.

Step 1

Log into your Copilot by Clari account. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and navigate to the "Workspace Settings" page. Select the "Integrations" section in the left-hand bar.

Step 2

On this page, find the "Clari Copilot" card. Copy both the "API Key" & "API Secret" values to a notepad. These values will be used in the next step.

Step 3

Log into Staircase AI (must have admin permissions in Staircase AI to complete this step) and click the cog symbol in the left-hand bar to open up your Integrations panel. Click on the "Clari" card. Fill in the two values from your notepad and click the "Connect" button. That's it! Any transcript from recorded client calls moving forward will be pulled into Staircase AI and analyzed. Those results can be viewed in the meeting entry in Staircase AI, sent as meeting prep and meeting summary email (enable these in your profile settings), and sent to your CRM directly and entered as notes in the meeting activity.

To Disconnect

Login to Staircase AI (must be admin user), navigate to Settings > Integrations > click on the Clari card, and click 'disconnect'.

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