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Staircase Team Efficiency Report
Staircase Team Efficiency Report

Take a look at how you can set up and use Staircase AI's team efficiency report to ensure you are protecting your gross margin

Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

Measure your team’s efficiency monthly or quarterly

Protect your gross margin by calculating your team’s effort (in hours) to service your customers to ensure your cost of good sold (COGS) isn’t encroaching on your profits. This calculation should include: customer facing activities (emails, meetings, chats, tickets) as well as internal time required to support those client facing activities.

Staircase AI will identify and track your team effort hours and calculate what percent that amount is against your customer’s recurring revenue.

We recommend aiming for a COGS of 20% or less of the customer’s recurring monthly revenue (ARR/12).

As you identify customers where the cost to serve is greater than 20% of their recurring revenue, work with your team to identify what actives are driving that inefficiency and optimize those areas.

Repeat this process on at least a quarterly basis to ensure you are on top of anything unnecessarily eating into your profits.

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