Tune Insights

Turn insights on/off and adjust thresholds for Staircase AI insights by tier and/or journey phase.

Written by Kate Neal
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In this section, you can turn insights on/off as well as adjust the thresholds for all by either tier and/or journey phase.

Turning Insights On/Off

If you wish to disable any insights, simply click the toggle button to turn them 'off'.

Tuning Insights

Click any row to edit the insight. Once open, you can 'include' or 'exclude' accounts using the filter option by status, tier, journey phase, or other custom identifiers you've added to Staircase AI. If applicable, you can also set the 'days' threshold as well.

Taking these steps will ensure any insight that arises in Staircase AI or your notification channels are relevant, timely, and actionable depending on the status of the client or prospect.

Repeat this step for all insights you are leaving in 'on' status.

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