No Owner Assigned

This article describes the steps required to resolve the data sync warning of 'no owner assigned'.

Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

If you see customers present in the 'No Owner Assigned' bucket in the Data Sync tab, this article is for you.

CRM is synced

If you've synced your CRM to Staircase (Salesforce, Hubspot) and mapped your CS owner field, a missing owner means that the owner is not defined on your CRM. As soon as you set the owner for this account on your CRM, it will flow into Staircase and resolve this data sync issue.

CRM is not synced

If you are manually adding customers one-by-one or via the bulk upload, please update the owner value for those missing in your bulk upload file and send to your Staircase CSM or log into Staircase, search for the customer name from the Customer Overview table, scroll to the right in the table, click the pencil symbol, assign the owner, and click update.

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