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Mapping Custom Fields & Integrations
Mapping Custom Fields & Integrations

Use this article to help you map custom fields and external integrations to/from Staircase.

Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

Step 1

Login and click the cog from the left side panel to open Settings > Configurations. Click 'fields' from the list and select either the 'customer' or 'stakeholder' field.

Step 2 - Customer Fields

Here, you can map out account level fields from your external tools into Staircase. For example, you can map fields like account name, account owner, revenue, tier, journey phase, renewal date, etc. from Salesforce into Staircase - ensuring your account info is always up to date. You could map your Mixpanel product usage stats into your Staircase Customer Overview table to see usage info alongside sentiment and engagement.

Click 'add field' or edit an existing row by clicking the pencil button.

Name the field and select the applicable data 'type' (text, number, Date & Time, etc.).

If you are bringing that value in from an external tool, click 'sync from provider' and select the provider from the drop down and then finally, select the corresponding field from the external tool.

When you are finished, click submit.

Once you save, give Staircase up to an hour to fully sync the new values into the Customer Overview table. Click the column sorter to add the new column and then sort to see data grouped together as desired.

Step 3

Repeat this for stakeholder fields to help you assign key stakeholders role (like Champion, Decision Maker, Executive Sponsor) from Salesforce.

Step 4

Custom Fields added will also show under the Account Settings for any client in Staircase. You can make adjustments to that value from the Settings page.

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