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Custom Events

Monitor for custom meeting events like onboarding, kick offs, etc.

Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

Staircase already monitors for key events like QBRs, Commercial Discussions, Extreme Sentiments, etc. If there are additional meeting events you'd like Staircase to detect and ID, add them in the events configuration page.

Step 1

Login in, click the settings cog on the left side panel, open configurations and click 'Events'. Then click 'add event'.

Step 2

Enter a name for your event (like Onboarding). Select a color. And enter key words you want Staircase to check Meeting titles for - like Onboarding, Kick Off, Referral, etc. Click 'add'.

That's it! Once you set up these custom events, Staircase will show them in a customer's journey cycle as well as the events report.

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