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Setting up email and/or Slack notifications
Setting up email and/or Slack notifications

Create a Slack channel and/or set up email notifications to get immediate alerts on risks & opportunities detected by Staircase.

Written by Kate Neal
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Staircase identifies and detects various events and insights as they relate to risks and opportunities. Use notifications to get near real-time alerts. Allowing your team to take action when it matters most.


Step 1

Create a new internal Slack channel(s) on your workplace for these notifications to go. Add the Staircase bot to that channel - see step 3 here.

Step 2

Login and click the cog from the left side panel, select 'Notifications' from the top bar and click to 'add notification'.

Step 3

Choose between 'events' and 'insights' and select any you wish to receive notifications on.

Step 4

Next, click the filter button and apply desired filters to the notification results. For example, limit them to tier 1 accounts only. Or for a specific account owner or journey phase, etc.

Step 5

Choose who should receive the notification.

If you select email in Step 1, you will see a list of your team members. Select all who you wish to receive these email notifications (one email per event).

If you chose Slack in Step 1, you'll see a list of all public Slack channels. Select the appropriate one. If the Slack channel is private, you'll need to add the Staircase app to the Slack channel (step 3 here). Once you do that, the private channel will appear in the list here in Staircase settings.

Please note: The Slack option will not appear until you create the internal Slack channel(s) that will receive the notifications and add the Staircase bot to those channel(s). See this article for instructions on adding the Staircase bot to the channel(s).

Step 5

Click save and you're all set!

Note: You can create as many notification rules as you'd like - all with the same or different distribution list/Slack channel - customize however works best for you.

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