Steps to integrate your client-facing Slack channels

Written by Kate Neal
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How-To Integrate Slack with Staircase

Step 1

Login and click the cog in the left side bar to open up your Integrations panel. Click on the Slack card. Then 'connect'.

Staircase Slack integration

Step 2

Allow Staircase access to your Slack workspace.

Step 3

Open Slack, navigate to the client channel(s) you want Staircase to analyze and add the Staircase app to that channel. Repeat this step for all channels to wish to add.

Step 4

Staircase will automatically match your channel to the customer in Staircase. Sometimes, it isn't able to make that match if the client name and the channel name are different. In that case, go back to the Integrations settings page in Staircase, click the cog symbol on the Slack card, and map the channels you added to the corresponding customer.

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