November 2023 Edition
Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

This month we focused on recent AI boosts we built that put you and your team ahead of the curve.

🤯 Your health score accuracy just got better

After analyzing thousands of accounts we now recommend you to setup your health score to Staircase AI's health defaults. As your personal CS expert companion, you can trust us to health scores are as accurate as they can be.

❤️ Tiering is caring - Health scores by tier

For SMB or Low touch use cases, you might want to take a different approach:

  • Configure your health score by tier - while we do recommend keeping the defaults on, you can configure your health scores by account tier.

  • Adding Product usage metrics is highly recommended, but very individual.

Contact your CSM to find the right balance.

🔺 Churn Analysis to assess your accounts risks in real time

Meet your personal churn analysis analyzer. You can now not only assess your accounts’ risks using Staircase AI’s churn scores, but also use our churn analysis review to better understand why a customer decided to churn, in minutes!

💧 Little drops, great ripples

  • Teams Video Integration is now available - configure here.

  • Live Journey Map update - expand journey events in your customer overview

  • Support ticket response time metrics on the customer overview page in the response time graph

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