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Microsoft Teams Meeting Transcripts
Microsoft Teams Meeting Transcripts

Connect Teams with Staircase AI to analyze transcripts from your recorded customer calls.

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Step 1

Log into Staircase AI and click the cog symbol in the left-hand bar to open up your Integrations panel. Click on the Microsoft Teams card.

Step 2

Click the "Connect" button. You will be redirected to Microsoft authorization screen. Please note, you should be the Microsoft workspace admin to be able to approve the consent screen. Pick one of given Microsoft accounts or use another account on the Microsoft login page.

Step 3

Review the list of permissions and click the "Accept" button.

Step 4

You will be returned to Staircase AI. Copy the application ID from the card. It will be used in the next steps.

Step 5

In addition to the permissions granted above, the admin should create and configure a new application access policy using the PowerShell scripts.

Refer to the official documentation to install the PowerShell on Windows, Linux, and macOS:

After that, install the required Microsoft Teams module:

Step 6

Create a new application access policy:


New-CsApplicationAccessPolicy -Identity {IDENTITY} -AppIds "{APP_ID}" -Description "{DESCRIPTION}"

  • IDENTITY. Unique identifier assigned to the policy when it was created. E.g. Staircase-AI-for-Teams.

  • APP_ID. A list of application (client) IDs. Use the application ID you copied from the integration card.

  • DESCRIPTION. Specifies the description of the policy. E.g. App access policy for Staircase AI for Teams.

Step 7

Grant the policy to users:


Grant-CsApplicationAccessPolicy -PolicyName {POLICY_NAME} -Identity "{IDENTITY}"

  • POLICY_NAME. Name of the policy to be assigned (IDENTITY from the previous step). E.g. Staircase-AI-for-Teams.

  • IDENTITY. Indicates the user (object) ID of the user account to be assigned the per-user application access policy. E.g. de80cb39-fb45-448a-8715-b237a595733f.

It is possible to grant access not only to a single user, but also to a group or the entire tenant. Please refer to the documentation for more information. We recommend granting access to users who have guaranteed access to meetings (e.g. meeting organizers).

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