October 2023 Edition
Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

This month we released some cool summarization features, and better visibility for prospects accounts. Check it out.

🤯 What if you stopped summarizing your calls?

Finally get into the interesting stuff and save tremendous amount of time, using our automated meeting summary:

  • What were the lowlights & highlights?

  • What were the issues discussed?

  • What topics were discussed, and how the customer felt about it?

  • Did we promise any action items?

🔺 Heavy on tickets? Add it to your sentiment score

If your customer relationships are better represented by your tickets, you can now integrate the tickets channel into your sentiment score. Similarly to Staiecase AI's other communication channels scores, this addition will add sentiment, from tickets into the sentiment score.

Please note, this is not recommended for every account, contact your CSM to ensure you’re making the right choice for your use case.

🔗 JIRA Integration: it’s tickets o'clock!

If you’re using JIRA as your ticketing system, integrate it with Staircase AI!

We’ve built this new integration to help our customers maximize their data coverage and make sure you’re not losing sight of any customer interaction.

💧 Little drops, great ripples

  • Access Staircase AI on your mobile browser: see your accounts’ notifications on your mobile device browser.

  • Share specific communications: Easily communicate around customer insights or conversations by copying the direct link from Staircase AI.

  • Expanded support in CRM custom fields: We now support owner and list field types

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