Connect your Jira Support module to Staircase AI for ticket data and analysis

Written by Kate Neal
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Step 1

Log into Staircase AI and click the cog symbol in the left-hand bar to open up your Integrations panel. Click on the Jira card.

Step 2

Click the "Connect" button. You will be redirected to a Jira authorization screen. Select the correct Jira site (using a dropdown list) you want to grant access to. Confirm your choice by clicking 'accept'.

Step 3

After the authorization flow, you will be returned to Staircase AI. Now, you'll need to configure the integration. Select the site from which you want to sync data. Optionally, specify a certain project key (e.g, SA, DEMO, etc.). You should be able to find project keys on the projects page. Click the "Save" button to complete this integration.

From here, Staircase AI will pull in and analyze historical and future Jira customer support cases.

Questions? Please reach out to us at: [email protected]

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