August 2023 Edition
Written by Kate Neal
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This month we released some cool summarization features, and better visibility for prospects accounts. Check it out.

📸 Every manager's dream: Account Snapshot!

Wouldn’t you love getting a snapshot of your accounts current status?

Staircase AI transforms your account latest highlights into a live snapshot, so you can always keep track of your accounts without the hassle of reading everything over and over again.

💬 Meetings & Calls now powered with AI Topics and sentiment

Do you find it hard to find time to have long conversations? Or do you wish you could gain the insights you need to better understand your customers and processes? Staircase AI can now give you the low down of every. single. call.

Sync Staircase AI with Zoom or Gong to get AI topics and sentiment analysis in real time. What's in it for you?

  • Use the Topics report to assess those AI topics and sentiment feedback.

  • Use the Team Stats report to see how much time your team is spending on certain topics.

  • Delve into specific calls to skim through the analysis feedback, instead of listening or reading the whole call. (See image below)

💸 Introducing: Staircase AI for Sales

Get the revenue teams aligned by adding prospects into your Staircase AI account.
You can leverage Staircase AI to analyze prospects health score, generate insights and create reports, to increase your closed-wons chances.

💧 Little drops, great ripples

  • 'Customers' Renamed: ‘Customers’ are now ‘Accounts’

  • Custom CRM fields filters now available: you can now add special "Owner" and "Picklist" type fields from your CRM, and filter in your Staircase AI reports

  • New Pipedrive integration: Are you using Pipedrive? Connect your CRM

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