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This article details correcting the 'not synced' warning in the Data Sync dashboard

Written by Kate Neal
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If you see customers present in the 'Not synced' bucket in the Data Sync tab, follow these steps to resolve.

Check the domain(s)

Customers end up in this bucket because they are missing an email domain, the email domain associated with them isn't correct/accurate, or they may share a domain with another customer you've added to Staircase.

Missing or Incorrect Email Domain

Navigate to the customer's overview page in Staircase, click on Settings > Edit customer. Here you will be able to add the correct domain(s). Once done, click 'update' or 'save'

Email Domain Shared with Another Account(s)

In the event you have customers with shared email domains, we'll have to take a slightly different approach to sync communication data between the two accounts. In these cases, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your CRM contact list for all customers with the shared domain are accurate and complete. Accounts with shared domains will have to move from a domain sync to a contact sync so Staircase will rely on the contact list to inform which communications go to which accounts.

  2. Send a support ticket in with a list of all accounts that share this domain, a confirmation that the contact lists have been validated, and request that those accounts be enabled for the contact sync.

Please note: with a contact sync, any new customer stakeholders will need to be added to your CRM in order for Staircase AI to fetch their communications.

If neither of the above options applies, here are two other possibilities an account may not have data synced:

  1. There truly has been no recent communication with this customer (either to or from)

  2. The team members who service this account have not had their email/inbox synced with Staircase. In this case, adding them to the domain install or sending them an invite should resolve this data sync warning.

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