June 2023 Edition
Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

This month we released some great new enhancement and features boosting both the Customer Analytics capabilities and your experience in consuming and acting towards success. Let's take a look!

📞 Sentiment On Calls and Meetings

Whether you're using Gong or Zoom, Staircase AI can now analyze your calls and meetings sentiment. Our calls analysis will help you get the 360° view on your live customer journey.

⏱️ Give Your Health Scores An Uplift With Time Granularity

Not all accounts are equal, right? Use this feature to adjust your customer health scores by tier, phase, or a combination of both, with a layer of rolling period of time. For example, if you put 14 days for your Tier 1 accounts, Staircase AI will assess the past 14 days to determine the health score.

🔔 Notification Alerts Now Available on Microsoft Teams

Push alerts to Microsoft Teams to track your most strategic customers’ risks and opportunities. This feature will help you always be on top of your accounts and respond fast.

👤 Single Stakeholder Across Multiple Accounts

Sounds boring? It’s a big deal! Do you have stakeholders associated with more than one account? Now you can assign a stakeholder to multiple accounts.

💧 Little drops, great ripples

  • See events in the communication timeline - see events that belong to an email thread, a meeting, chat discussion or tickets.

  • Add or remove unique lifecycle events manually from the customer journey

Using The Efficiency Report To Optimize Your COGS

Simply put, the efficiency report helps uncover the real customer cost behind your teams' efforts. How much time and budget are spent on customer-facing activities compared to the customer value?

Check out this 1 minute video to learn how to use it.

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