Staircase AI integration for Gong

Written by Lior Harel
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Managing your customer accounts is even easier with the Staircase AI integration for Gong. With direct views into critical milestones across the entire customer journey such as sales discussions, business reviews, and team performance, your CS organization can be sure all customer interactions are being captured.

This article covers the benefits of this integration and a how-to guide for getting it setup.

Benefits of the integration

  1. Enhanced visibility into customer insights with Gong calls: By integrating Gong calls into Staircase AI, you'll be able to get a more complete picture of your customers. You'll have access to all the data from Gong calls right alongside your other customer details, so you can easily correlate the two and gain deeper insights.

  2. Enhanced productivity because all of the data is in one place: With both platforms integrated, you won't have to switch between them to access data. This can save you time and make you more productive, as all your data will be in one place.

  3. Sentiment analysis and alerts on customer frustrations or opportunities: Staircase AI uses sentiment analysis to help you identify customer frustrations and opportunities. By integrating Gong calls into Staircase AI, you'll be able to analyze the sentiment of the conversations that take place during your sales and customer calls, and receive alerts if any frustrations or opportunities arise.

How to set up the integration

  1. As a Staircase AI admin, navigate to the settings page

  2. Click on the integrations tab, then on the Gong card

  3. Click the "Connect" button

  4. Authorize the Staircase AI app on Gong

  5. Staircase AI will now pull conversations data and associate it with meetings on the timeline

That's it! Once you've set up the integration, you'll be able to access all your customer data in one place, including the data from Gong calls. You'll also be able to take advantage of Staircase AI's powerful sentiment analysis capabilities to gain insights into customer frustrations and opportunities.

If you have any issues setting up the integration or have questions about using Staircase AI or Gong, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help you get the most out of these powerful platforms!

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