Steps to connect Staircase insights into tasks and actions

Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

Connect Staircase to Monday to turn insights into actionable tasks for your CS team.

Step 1

Ask your Monday Admin to install the Staircase application to your instance using this link. They will see Staircase in the list of Monday's applications.

Step 2

Log into Staircase and click the cog symbol in the left-hand bar to open up your Integrations panel. Click on the Monday card and then 'Connect'.

Step 3

If you did the previous step correctly, it will authorize the integration, otherwise, you will see the warning: "App is not installed" and the "Authorize" button will be unavailable. Go back to Step 1 if this is the case.

Otherwise, click 'Authorize'

Step 4

Configure the integration by selecting the relevant values from the lists. Make sure you have the text field configured for the "Description" in your board otherwise you will not see any available field for mapping. Press the "Submit" button.


Log back into Staircase and head to the Integrations panel. Click on the Monday card and select 'Disconnect' (see screenshot in step 4). This will remove the connection between the two.

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