Connect Intercom to Staircase to analyze your customer conversations

Written by Kate Neal
Updated over a week ago

Staircase integrates with Intercom to pull in client communications via this channel and analyzes them with our AI and machine learning models.

Someone with admin permissions in both Intercom and Staircase AI should take these steps to setup.

Step 1

Login and click the cog from the left side panel to open Integrations settings. Choose the Intercom card and select 'Connect'.

Step 2

Click 'Authorize' and enter your Intercom credentials when prompted.

That's it! Now Staircase AI is connected to your Intercom channel of communication. And you can see relevant communications under the 'Activity' tab for any customer on their overview page.

To Remove Access

Click 'Disconnect' from the Intercom card in the Staircase Integrations settings section.

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