Integrate your Zoom calls and transcripts to be analyzed by Staircase AI

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Connect Staircase to your Zoom account to receive meeting insights like attendance, engagement, sentiment, topics, and action items.

Once you grant access, Staircase will:

  • Gain visibility into client facing meetings to supplement engagement insights

  • Understand which stakeholders attended meetings

  • Pull in and analyze transcripts from recorded calls

Installing this connection will allow the following permissions:

  • View all user meetings - used to correlate events and calls

  • View recording - used to retrieve meeting transcript which is then analyzed for topic, sentiment, and open items

  • View user information - used to match Staircase user with Zoom user


Follow this three step process to connect your Zoom account with Staircase AI.

Step 1

Login and click the cog on the left side bar to open up the Integrations settings. Click on the Zoom card. Then 'Connect'.

Zoom integration for Staircase

Step 2

Login with Zoom credentials (Admin permissions required).

Step 3

Click 'Authorize' to allow Staircase access to your Zoom account.

That's it! Now Staircase will have access to your client facing Zoom calls and transcripts.


In order for Staircase AI to analyze your Zoom calls, you will need to record them (required a Business Plan (on Zoom). Transcription is based on Zoom's built-in transcription. Only recorded and transcripted calls are synced into Staircase AI.


To disconnect Zoom, login and click the cog in the left side bar to open up Integrations settings. Click ‘Disconnect’ on the Zoom card.

Once you click 'Disconnect' a pop up will confirm access was removed and the button text will return to 'Connect'.

Note - If you don't have access to the Staircase application you can uninstall the Staircase app through the Zoom app marketplace.

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom app marketplace

  2. Click Manage -> Installed Apps or search for the Staircase app

  3. Click the Staircase app

  4. Click uninstall

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